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The HelloBC Listings Program is one of the many innovative programs created by Destination British Columbia to help grow your business. Learn how you can become an integral part of Destination British Columbia’s powerful marketing initiatives through these programs which have been designed and researched to meet consumer needs at every stage in the planning and purchasing cycle.

New for the 2015 HelloBC® Listings Program.

We are pleased to announce that all accommodation properties will pay only $120 plus GST for participation in the 2015 Program. This new price represents 56%-68% savings over last year's enrollment pricing.

In addition to the above change, Destination BC will no longer produce a printed Approved Accommodation Guide and will no longer conduct accommodation property inspections. For more information on these changes, please click here.

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HelloBC Listings Program

Enroll your company in the HelloBC Listings Program, and enjoy the benefits of having your business promoted to the millions of travellers visiting Destination British Columbia's websites as well as added benefits from the Visitor Centre® network and much more.

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